The Dark Side Of Ambition Isn’t What You Think It Is

Let’s be clear. The upside of ambition is success. Plain and simple. Ambition is what gets us places.     Sure, the term itself is also associated with social-climbing, ruthlessness, and the pursuit of fame, fortune, and status.     But we all know that. Just as we know it isn’t only those motivations.     … Read more

You’re The Boss, Stressed, And At Work—How Best To Manage This?


BEING STRESSED AT WORK, because of work, is such a massive source of pain in the lives of so many of us that it’s even come to the point where you’re reading posts such as this one… I know, a sure sign of desperate times. Feeling stretched at work is like being a parent at … Read more

Work-Life-Balance Is A Crock—Do This Instead…

Work/life balance is horseshite. Either work is enlivening and life is productive, or we’re in the trap of working as a means to an end and living as a way of checking out. Look up ‘work-life balance’ online and you’ll get inundated with advice and admonishment. Or don’t. It won’t matter anyway. The whole enterprise … Read more