Get A Healthier Business
& A Happier Life

If you’re an entrepreneur or executive that feels stuck, you’re in the right place.

I’m a trained psychologist, coach, and mentor with nearly 30 years of experience helping people. I use a three step process to identify and remove the barriers to your personal and professional happiness.


I start with a thorough assessment to understand where you are now, where you want to go, and what’s causing you to feel indecision or anxiety.


I get to the root causes of obstructive behavior. Once we’ve identified the obstacles holding you back, I work with you to develop a clear path forward.


I don’t use canned programs or training. My plan is specific to your needs based on 25+ years of training and experience. I’ll guide you along until we reach your definition of success and happiness.

“I contacted Paul based on a friend’s recommendation, because I wasn’t having much success coming up with a career plan that would take my life some place I actually wanted to go. Working with Paul created a rich environment allowing me to confidently and assertively embrace my awesomeness.

That position of strength allows me to genuinely engage all aspects of my world, rather than react and cower out of fear and uncertainty. All of the situations that felt so heavy and unmanageable have taken on the lightness of a murder mystery cruise. Time with Paul definitely got me back running my life instead of my life running me.”


“Many thanks to Paul KingRobinson for helping me get started down this path. If any of you are feeling stuck, this man is a Master Coach.”


I Might Not Be Right For You

Maybe it’s the tattoos and F-bombs (attention-seeking, clearly) or the Kiwi accent just won’t fly. For whatever reason, you don’t see me as the right person. Find someone who is the right fit for you. If you’re at a crossroads or feeling stuck, you will benefit from working with a qualified expert.

Don’t keep things bottled up inside. Seek help. Find a guide. Get the direction you need.

If you do find Kiwis charming after all, I might be the right person to help you. I have a proven record of helping people. I’m not one of those self-proclaimed coaches without any hard-earned credentials. I am trained and experienced.

Let’s chat and make sure we are a good fit.