What The Hell Is
An Executive Shrink?

I know that’s what you’re thinking. It’s a great question.
I’m going to get that in a minute, but first…

Something brought you to my site. Things at work, in your life,
or both aren’t clicking. Almost all of us go through this at
some point in our careers.

You have two choices.
1. Bottle everything up and try to figure things out on your own.
2. Work with a guide you can trust to help you find the right path.

I’m not making a sales pitch. These are the two choices you’re faced with at the moment.
Option one is typically a circular trail that takes you round and round without ever making any
progress. Option 2 provides a guide who will lead you onto a new path of progress.

Don’t keep things bottled up inside. Seek help. Find a guide.
Get the direction you need. Even if that person isn’t me.
Why would you choose to work with me? I have real credentials for helping people. I’m not one of those self-proclaimed coaches. I am trained and experienced.

The One & Only

 Executive Shrink

That brings us full circle back to your original question,
“What the hell is an executive shrink?”

Short answer, it’s me.

The longer answer, it’s a person trained as a psychologist,
consultant, and mentor.

My calling card is the ability to create highly beneficial shifts in your perspective such that you see what’s 
possible, dispel your obstacles to progress, and commit to pursuing your very best at work, and in life.

25+ Years Of Helping People

Starting in the early 1990s I spent 15 years as a psychologist, family therapist, trainer, and consultant in
the fields of addiction, adult & child community mental health, stopping-violence,and psycho-education
programming, across multiple health settings in New Zealand and the US.

In 1997 I cofounded The Family Therapy Team at the Waitemata District Health Board (Auckland),
charged with the mission of training students, helping families, and educating local health service teams
in systemic assessments and perspectives of intervention.

Having left the health field in 2006, and after time spent in non-profit leadership roles, I founded a
relationship and individual coaching practice that then increasingly focused on helping entrepreneurs and
business leaders gain greater enjoyment and satisfaction from their work lives, retire gracefully, or go after
their next career opportunity.

I have benefited greatly from all of my experience, but this latter phase has been the most rewarding
work of my career.

If you’re at a crossroads, schedule a time to chat with me here.
Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together to find your path forward
  to a healthier business and a happier life.