How We Feel About Ourselves Matters

As your official ExecutiveShrink it behooves me, on occasion, to go full touchy-feely (slathered in a sheep-dip of sanitizer, of course) and proffer advice on cultivating love, understanding, and all things utopian. So yesterday I sent this post out to my weekly email list as a contribution to us all having something more important to … Read more

Manage Your Intrusive Thoughts & Feelings

Although often ‘life’s a box of chocolates,’ sometimes it most assuredly ain’t. Metaphors of rollercoasters and rough-seas don’t come close to encompassing what some life-events do to us. Devastation comes in many forms, all bad, and while we undergo whatever trial Fate has in store for us and those we love, life, our life, must … Read more

What To Do When ‘Triggered’ At Work

“Sweet are the uses of adversity which like the toad ugly and venomous wears yet a precious jewel in his head.” As You Like It, William Shakespeare If you never feel upset at work—whether you show it or not—then you are either living in a utopia or bored out of your gourd. I doubt either … Read more

The One Strategy GUARANTEED to Have You In the Ideal Mindset For Your Next Challenging Situation

If you have something coming up that you want, you need, to be on your A-Game for—how do you make it for sure that you will be? You can be as physically prepared as is humanly possible—and you should be—but you know there’s that X-factor that will determine more than anything else you do to … Read more