How Well Should You Connect With Others at Work?

As a coach I’ve had a reoccurring interaction with managers that goes something like this: Them: “…of course, as a leader, I can’t afford to get too close to my direct-reports.” Me: “Really? Why not?” Them: “Well, I’m in the position to hire & fire and I don’t want our friendship to cloud my judgement. … Read more

I Posture, You Posture – We Need To Stop It!

In the tradition of authentic-relating, a distinction is made between two broad categories of inauthenticity: posturing and collapsing. Collapsing is to implode under the experience of pressure, it’s to succumb, give in, cave. It’s inauthentic because no one is actually inferior to others and so to act that way is disingenuous. Unsurprisingly, as a pervasive … Read more